2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid, Toyota offers all round refresh to the new model

2015-01-22 10:50:23
2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid, Toyota offers all round refresh to the new model
2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid, Toyota offers all round refresh to the new model

Toyota Camry did not turn out as the best seller by falling short of consumer expectations such the fuel economy, resale value, practicality, space, reputation, reliability and every other aspect of the mainstream buyer’s requirement. By the virtue of this Camry has ruled the sales for the past couple of decades and now releases the 2015 Camry SE Hybrid to continue the tradition.

However for some the Toyota still has to offer things like the must-have features and sporting qualities in a sedan. Just to fulfill this expectations Toyota has made all round facelift for the Camry 2015 and has removed the blocky and dour looks of the earlier car. The Camry now sport a more aggressive snout which is longer and lower, the hold with fold and light crease, flanks are chiseled and carved and the stance has gained a wide berth. There is cheerful news for the interior and you bright silver trim, accent stitching and surfaces with soft touch all around.

The Camry Hybrid is offered in three trim levels namely the SE, XLE and the base LE, and the tested one is the first one which has been added a mesh grille and green image has been joined with red mist.  There is dark chrome trim, 17-inch wheels of aluminum and a spoiler are other new additions. The structure of the Camry has been further stiffened with spot welding the key areas which included door openings and cowls. The power steering has also received some tweaking which is done to give a hydraulic boost like you feel in the conventional steering. Pedal response has been made linear by adding twin-stage brake booster.

The Hybrid has also been offered with specific suspension bushing, rear antiroll bar to get better response, and shock valuing. The new Camry feels firmer than the earlier models but it is also optimized for more comfortable ride. The response of the steering goes linear but still feels wooden fairly. The brake pedal response also feels remote slightly in spite of the Toyota’s practice of mixing hydraulic and regenerative systems for years.

Here we would like to say that the SE Hybrid after attaining a sportier look also offer a more engaging experience of driving. But the case is otherwise and the numbers confirm that. During the test the data we got found no liveliness in the car. It is the same braking stop from 70-0 at 178 feet and the lateral grip offered 0.78g as it was with the XLE model of 2012.

All non-hybrid Camrys from Toyota are not as sportier as the hybrids   which is owed to the Powertrain in them. The normal Camrys make 178hp and 170 lb-ft from the four-cylinder engine, but the hybrids combined output of 200hp makes them more powerful and the low-torque produced by the electric engine gets the car off the block quickly.  The timing of 7.2 seconds for the 0-60mph is a full second faster than the non-hybrid Camry. The SE hybrid model has an EPA rating of 40/38mpg for city and highway and it is the same numbers for the XLE hybrid the LE hybrid is a headline snatching 43/39mpg as it runs on thinner tires.

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