2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD, Steady, Quick and Predictable

2015-01-22 10:48:07
2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD, Steady, Quick and Predictable
2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD, Steady, Quick and Predictable

It could be a strange experience to drive a Dodge Charger in full police regalia of the sirens and operating lights.  People would come up with all kinds of remarks like “having fun?” but it would be different story if you are driving the 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit powered with a Hemi V-8 and AWD.

This above said combine is not offered with the Dodge Charger civic as people are not willing to pay for both the options. It is also not available with the Chrysler 300. But the all wheel drive option is being lapped by the police department. According to The Law Enforcement Magazine the AWD is one of those changers originally not intended when changes were taking place. At the time Ford stopped making the Crown Victoria, the police cruiser/ interceptor it offered the fleet owners the option of either an AWD or front wheel drive for the police interceptor based on the Taurus and the P.I.  Utility based on Explorer, and a maximum of 97% opted for the AWD. From them on Ford made the AWD standard   for the vehicles. Chevrolet did the same with its Tahoe PPV and the Dodge AWD Charger.   

Police personnel are finding the deployment of power more effective and easy using four wheel drive vehicles and easy to control the vehicle at high speeds.  With these vehicles the maintenance cost can get higher and fuel economy would be poorer. Automakers are selling the vehicle with security, safety and all weather control pitch and the fleet owners are willing to buy them.

The one that was tested is a Hemi/AWD Charger and it made the 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds while clocking 13.8 seconds for the quarter speeding at 103mph. this is certainly not hellcat and not even the SRT 392 but was very similar to the one we tested in 2012 with the timing of 5.2 seconds for 0-60, 13.9 seconds for quarter at the speed of 103 mph. similar to the Charger offered to civilians the fleet buyers version too got upgrades   for the hardware in 2015. But it is not given the eight speed transmission and the police version still maintains the 5-speed automatic and Dodge names it “autostick” though it is column-mounted. This has been done to accommodate computer and radio between the seats.  A toggle switch has been offered to shift gears.

Anyone who thinks can outrun this vehicle should be reminded with “helicopter” and “radio”. The vehicle would get heavy duty suspension, performance tweaked power steering aided by fluid cooler, police-tuned ABS, heavy duty disc brakes, engine cooling and in a whole cop motor, cop suspension and cop tires. The car stops at 174 feet coming from 70-0mph and the skidpad offered 0.85g riding on Goodyear Eagle RS-A all seasons.

The Hemi/AWD version carries a base sticker of $36,795 and after adding our test car stood at $40, 875. The biggest option costing $2000 was the Base Prep Police Package which offered support and wiring for lights, speakers, sirens etc. it also had adjustable pedals, power seats, Uconnect interface which is standard, and a back camera. Overall impression of the Charger Pursuit is that it is steady, quick and predictable. Fuel economy is 15/23mpg for city and highway.

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