2016 Acura NSX, it is here at last and the real one at that

2015-01-22 10:46:45
2016 Acura NSX, it is here at last and the real one at that
2016 Acura NSX, it is here at last and the real one at that

The ambitious NSX introduced by Acura luxury division was twenty five years back and was sold in various other markets under the Name of Honda. It was a true exotic car but not an occasion drive money pit and after it was rolled out as a concept at the 2012 Detroit show. It has evolved in years and is now ready for the display later in 2015 as 2016 Acura NSX.  

 In 2005 Acura pulled the p lug o the NSX and since then enthusiasts were waiting for a second coming for both the overseas and the US and there were kept waiting till now. During this time Acura was busy in assembling decent sedans for normal use.  Later the company confirmed that the mid-engine concept will be built in the USA. After hordes or rumors, spy photos, auto show participations and prototype testing have revealed the form in which the NSX Concept GT race tracker will come out of the Marysville, Ohio plant as 2016 NSX. The NSX is an everyday exotic car of the world and costs far lower than the big mid-engine exotics. 

Since its appearance as the NSX concept the shape overall has not changed but the production car’s length has been increased by three inches, width by one inch, and height by half inch.  It is also larger compared to the concept car and width has also increased considerably to 5.1 inches. There is an 11 inch increase in the wheelbase too. The structure is space frame and it’s made out of high strength steel, aluminum and other evolved materials. The floor is made out of carbon fiber and the curb weight has not been provided by Acura but we presume that it will be weighing around 3600 lbs and the last NSX in 1994 weighed 3030 pounds.

The exterior details for the NSX have been considerably refined and the finish product looks more extreme and sophisticated. The fat chunky headlamps now have been replaced with the leaner LED rows. The much-slandered power-plenum grille is now replaced with a strip of chrome. Aluminum and sheet metal composites have been used to make the body panels. A C-pillar in flying buttress style cleaves down the middle to house a wide air-intake of the engine. The tail lamps span the entire back in a thin strip and three huge air extractors decorate the bumper at the back. The NSX as it was shown in the concept is rendered in red with black roof.   There is also the option of a carbon fiber made roof available with the NSX.

The wheels with ultra thin spokes are measured at 19 inches in the front and 20-inches at the back and are encased in Continental C ontiSportContact 245/35 and 295/30 size tires. There are six pistons in the front and four pistons at the back gripping the carbon-ceramic disc brakes. Inside the NSX has aluminum panels of instrument panel covered by black and red stitched padded leather. The steering is sculpted flat on both upper and lower sides. The exotic car is likely to get power in excess of the 550hp mark for the V-6 as Acura has not revealed the numbers for it.

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