Hyundai Verna-A car with excellent features

2014-01-10 00:22:45

History of Hyundai Verna goes back to the days of 2000, being familiarly known as Accent, the car is much an up gradation and then named as Verna, being a front wheel drive sub-compact car. The car comes in 1.4 and 1.6 both petrol and diesel variants, pointing safety aspects notably. Awarded with more than 4 stars for all its safety aspect, the car is much more stylish to take a drive.

There are various aspects in the world that keep impressing or make the individuals pay attention towards it. One such component turns out to be the car which offers the pleasure and a sophisticated drive or a journey simply but with a comfort. Car is an asset that offers you the most exciting comfortable drive for you to experience the classy one. There are many cars in and around either your nation made or other nations made, yet you can experience the pleasure only when you prefer the hottest pick satisfying your expectations. One such model turns out to be the Verna from the house of Hyundai.  Hyundai Verna came as the model named as Hyundai Accent, with the features much more enhanced now known publicly as Verna. The up gradation is really a worth-mentioning by completely keeping with the consumer’s requirements. 

Attractive design:

Simply, Verna is much familiar for its attractive design that offers the look of being compact outside and spacious inside. Moreover, the look of the car is amazing which makes the customers prefer this lot than the other models available. The interiors as well as the exteriors are suitably designed to turn eye-catching. The front end of the car is designed with flared wheel arches which offer the car a sporty look. The car has so many advantages keep lining up like the adjustable types of mirrors, while unexpected moments. The specifically designed fog lamps turn highlighting, as it turns helpful to you in conserving the energy. The Verna’s rear screen is helpful for you to view the stop light which is much more useful to stop the collisions, etc.

Availability of gauge cluster with the presence of LED lit up is present. The presence of door map pocket is available which can make you keep stocking with mobiles, and lot more accessories which are basic to carry while you move out. Presence of storage tray is helpful to stuff with some snacks. There is a wiper of course the basic one, which comes up with a three way nozzle is much more efficiently working for a driver to drive.

Efficiency is notable:

The adjustable steering system is efficiently helpful for a driver to go ahead with a perfect drive. This is in fact the perfect pack up which supports a smooth drive. You have an automatic temperature detection system for the comfort to be experienced. The interior features can find no match to any of the cars been identified in the affordable budget. The leather seats as well as the airbag are much more excellent and worth-mentioning. Safety point is given a much more weight age in order to avail the best safety and protection along with seat belts, while passengers are in. Anti-lock system as well as adjusting seat belt can help you stay safe. Outstanding and a stupendous performance is never a question or a doubt to those who possess Verna. The car comes with petrol variants and a diesel variant, which gives much desirable performance as you expect. Interiors are with music system along with speakers and a lot more desirable features in an affordable budget resulting with better mileage. 

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