Dodge Viper SRT10-For your betterment of the journey

2014-01-08 23:56:58

Simply a sports car with front mid engine and rear wheel drive with 6speed manual transmission, Dodge Viper traces its history back to the days of 2005. Being a third generation car from the house of Dodge Viper, SRT10coupe is in fact the up gradation model. Highlights of GTS tail lights and double-bubble roof is the model’s key elements making it much notable. 

Any journey across the world turns interesting, if you go on a drive on your own vehicle. Vehicle is of course very much required for any individuals in order to move across anywhere under the Sun. You may find a four wheeler to be much comfortable and the drive can turn very much sophisticated with all sorts of amenities assisting you. You need to get a vehicle which is close to your heart, in the sense; it must turn satisfying your requisites. Either it can look much more stylish or it can turn offering you much spacious cabin, or anything which you wish to be. One such car which satisfies all your requirements is from the house of Dodge Viper, SRT10. A car that turns satisfying all your wants in a stunning manner is this car. SRT10 coupe is much expected from the days of introduction of SRT10 convertible. Moreover, the car is generally a vehicle much satisfies your wants keeping with your expectations.

Outrageous performance:

The car can give you an outrageous performance than compared with any of the cars present. Moreover, the car stands in your spending limits with a stupendous performance. The car’s features are attractive and impressive, and also make the passers-by cast a special attention, when it’s on the road. The car possesses the specific feature called the double-bubble roof which is much aerodynamic in nature. The cabin turns out to be much spacious giving accommodation conveniently to quite a number of individuals. The shape of the car is something unique which can provide the smoother airflow upon the vehicle. The car is much more upgraded with the features like wrap-around tail lights as well as door glasses. The rear quarter panel is much more specific in this car. The set of wheels present in the car is just unique as it possesses the alloy wheels, around 18 inches and 19inches in front and back respectively. The car possesses the six speed manual transmission. The car has 8.3 litres aluminium motor with 10 cylinders in order to assist with the perfect mechanism of working which offers you the convenient drive.

Be proud to own it:

When you own this vehicle, any owner can feel proud of its performance, for which it offers the stunning performance more like a racer. The passers-by can have a specific impact over the car for its look as well as for its magnificent performance. The very special point is that this SRT10 coupe is one specific model which turns eye-catching from the house of Dodge Viper, a unique model that is more than unique in its performance. The design of the tyres as well as of the rims is specifically aluminium coated. The brakes are around 14inches larger, along with ABS regulating back with the presence of sensors for monitoring the tyre pressure in the valves. The chrome finish is much more impressive and offers the car a very unique classy touch. The car possesses analogy speedometer, temperature and coolant control, and some more devices for controlling temperature of oil. Considering the interior features, the car backs you up with fantastic leather seats, with airbags for safety and USB connectivity with the audio system for music lovers, and a lot more excellent features installation makes the car stand much unique. 

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