2015-01-05 12:08:19
Porsche Boxster GTS, A supreme roadster with extra power that you won’t complain

Someone will always complain when you order extra large pizza especially the vegetarians. However no one will complain that the Porsche models with mid-engines are being offered an extra 15hp but the front fascia of the new Boxster Supreme has reasons to complain. It shares with Cayman with new GTS-trimming but found the face very aggressive.

2015-01-05 12:07:05
Mercedes AMG GT-S: A Hot Sport Car

Mercedes AMG GT-S, one of the major projects of the company, is such a hot sport car which has been developed on the basis of the SLS AMG; however, it is not supposed to be heir of the SLS AMG. This fantastic looking car has been incorporated with a number of new materials as well as technology.

2015-01-05 12:06:22
2013 Hyundai Elantra GT Manual, entry into the five-door segment by Hyundai

In the crowded segment of compact cars Hyundai Elantra played it solid but it the self imposed limitations have restricted its progress against the competition of the nifty hatchback versions of the Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza and Mazda 3. The Elantra Touring wagon met its demise as it lacked the slimmer appearance and attraction of the rivals with five doors.  

2015-01-03 10:53:32
Honda Amaze Offers Easy Driving Experience

Honda Amaze is one of greatest achievements of this Japanese automaker; it is company’s first car which has been incorporated with the diesel engine in Indian market; besides, it is considered that it can possibly gain great sale for the company because company has incorporated several new things whether it is performance, power, looks and price as well. 

2015-01-03 10:52:58
2014 Hammer H3: A Lively Vehicle with 4 Variations Including 4 cylinders Engine

2014 Hammer H3 has been made available in four variations, and one of these variations has been incorporated with a 4 cylinder engine paired with manual as well as automatic transmission. Besides, Buyers get a range of features. The main attractions the vehicles are audio system with 6 speakers, Bluetooth, and bend guiding wheels. 

2015-01-03 10:52:15
2014 GMC Terrian A Compact Crossover With Midsize Value

2014 GMC Terrian is such a compact crossover which comes with the value of midsize so it offers the experience of both, so you get not only good fuel economy but space like midsize as well. Thus the vehicle offer you compelling package to you. It is incorporated V6 engine for impressive power. 

2015-01-03 10:51:32
2014 Ford Fiesta: A Stylish Car with Kinetic Design

2014 Ford Fiesta is comparatively a big car which gives impression of not being similar to any other car of Fiesta outer-look wise, which means, it has gone through many changes to makes the car better so that Fiesta may get back its lost respect; what is more, it is a car introducing Kinetic Design 2.0 in India. 

2015-01-03 10:50:58
2016 Fiat 500X, Cinquecento theme again for the compact crossover

It is the Cinqueceto theme again for the fiat with its new compact crossover. The 2016 Fiat 500 has been based on the proven theme again and had already appeared in the Paris Auto Show. The design for the 500X has been carried over from the GM Fiat small architecture platform.

2015-01-02 11:04:16
Ferrari California T Equipped With Turbo Charged Engine

It was not new for Ferrari to conduct the experiments unexpected from it; five years ago, it had done such things; now again it repeated again through equipping the 2014 Ferrari California T with turbocharged engine, so that the fuel efficiency can be made better. This exceptionally compact car equipped a powerful engine producing 557 lb-ft. 

2015-01-02 11:03:28
Dodge Nitro: Compact Yet Powerful SUV

Want something powerful for long drive? The Dodge Nitro is a perfect option for you. The model is compact SUV with mighty towing capacity and lots of space for entire family. The design resembles the towing trailer vehicle for amazing strength and powerful source backup with excellently impressive front outlook, perfect for snowy areas. 

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