2015-02-19 10:56:54
2015 BMW i3 is all-electric and wholly powerful

The 2015 BMW i3 is a compact-sized city auto whose hallmark is an overall-electric drive-train. In tandem with the auto-maker, it is the end-product of painstaking electric mobility engineering research and is the leading brand of the BMW new-fangled sub-brand. The development of the wholly-new platform architecture took BMW plethora amounts of money as it sought to eschew production models. Founded on twin models, the first carbon fiber-bolstered plastic undercuts weight and boosts steel strength while the other incorporates a carburized occupant cell.   

2015-02-17 12:55:39
The 2015 Hyundai Tucson is elevated by plushy design and powerful mill

The 2015 Hyundai Tucson compact crossover was designed to offer stylish interior and smooth handling. It suits shoppers who are after an all-weather runabout though it suffers on the cargo capaciousness and rear seat room area. The model comes in various trim levels, rich in standard equipment while towering in its market segment technically and aesthetically. From every angular standpoint, the edges of the Tucson reveal a new trend in Hyundai autos, aggression and sharpness. Though its fuel economy is not the best in its category, its performance and handy equipment add a bonus. 

2015-02-17 12:48:59
2015 Toyota Sienna is an ideal cargo and passenger tower

In the auto industry, minivans are exceptionally designed to tow cargo and haul passengers, this where the new 2015 Toyota Sienna excels in. It provides a maximum of eight occupant seating specifications. Seats in the second row recline for more comfort, tilt in front for third-row pathway and can slight forward and backwards to enlarge second and third row’s legroom. What’s more, the Toyota Sienna offers 12 cup-holders while every model features multifarious storage compartments for hauling smaller items. On this footing, the Sienna is inclined to garner foothold amazingly.  

2015-02-17 12:47:46
2015 GMC Acadia unveils the automakers subtlety in crossover engineering

The 2015 GMC Acadia was orchestrated to meet growing demands in the crossover segment and accommodates up to eight occupants. From every angular standpoint, the Acadia is plushy, its interior a sea of high tech wealth and is the top-ranging model in GMC’s crossover lineup. By the same token, the trailblazing footprints of the Acadia are ascribed to its ultra-potent mill, class-exclusive interior features and a reasonable price-tag that catapults it ahead of the quasi-truck Ford Flex, Buick Enclave and the Honda Pilot. 

2015-02-17 12:46:24
2015 BMW 228i Convertible features luxurious and sophisticated components

The recent brand leading the BMW latest versions is the 2015 BMW 228i Convertible comes as a transposition for the antecedent year’s 1-Series convertibles. With unique marketing semantics, the 228i is longer and broader in contrast to the erstwhile 1-Series. From every angular standpoint, the convertible leans towards the 1-Series footprints. There are however, fundamental differences between the new model and the outgoing ones. The BMW 228i comes with a frontal-engine, back-drive layout, incorporates a foldable fabric roof in lieu of a heavy and an overly complex hardtop setup accommodating four adults. 

2015-02-17 12:45:38
2015 Audi SQ5 is a competitive product in the ever-growing SUV market niche

The 2015 Audi SQ5 presents the trailblazing model by the auto-maker meant to gain foothold in a burgeoning high-performance SUV market segment. In its design, it is highly distinct in the niche from every angular standpoint. The SQ5 which is available in the US markets and Europe as a diesel driven has been pointed out as a unique crossover. It bestows sporty car features, including acceleration, plushy cabin and driver-friendly handling abilities. Though retaining its antecedent standard equipment, it has received upscale features, including Xenon headlamps with LED auto-running lights along a power rear door.   

2015-02-16 11:51:34
2015 Ford Flex is perfect to tap into the emerging crossover demands

Befitting a full-size wagon’s description, the 2015 Ford Flex is more of a less-home based crossover style, transposing the lacuna left by the Freestar minivan that topped the Blue Oval lineup. Also commendable this year for the Flex is its cavernous room that accommodates up to seven occupants and every gear while boasting a 355-horsepower EcoBoost six-cylinder. Its sheetmetal is another observable feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the throng. In tandem with Ford’s auto-engineering ethos, the Flex does not depart from smooth handling abilities and is well-bolstered by a willing engine. 

2015-02-16 11:50:32
2015 Fiat 500e is purely engineered for Californians

The 2015 Fiat 500e is among the compliance specials and electrically designed autos meant to meet California 15.4% plug-in hybrid and hydrogen equipped with a 2025 mandate of new vehicles sold in the state. It is sold exceptionally in the Golden State, notable in the 500e is highly potent compared to the standard which is gas powered but is its platform mate with a limit of 87 to 100 mileages. Undoubtedly, it is designed for California denizens who are seeking electric autos. Its top-ranging ascription features include capaciousness, plushy interiors and fuel efficiency.

2015-02-16 11:49:36
2015 Chevrolet Impala is a domineering auto in its market segment

If you are in pursuit of the cushy, elegantly and multi-feature four door, the 2015 Chevrolet Impala offers a limo-sized indoor, subtle entertainment system and sumptuous styling. Also distinct in the Impala is the offer of dual segment unique V4 powertrains that comes with an eAssist mild-system if you want lower MSRP or MPGs while a smooth and potent V6 is also provided. The Impala boasts a yawning cabin and its interior ensconced with multifarious equipment. Like autos in its exclusive niche, the Chevrolet comes with cavernous passenger room, top grade materials, perforated leatherette padding, suede micro-fiber, contrast interweaving and supple-touch materials that depict an upscale cabin.

2015-02-16 11:48:44
2015 BMW 225i Active Tourer potency and exquisite features give it an edge in the market

There are remarkable significant versions that will go down indelible in the annals of BMW history. This is what the 2015 BMW 225i Active Tourer is in exact. The model is a shot in the arm of the automaker in its mainstream vehicles and is poised gain foothold fast in the US and elsewhere. Overall, the 225i is a move towards democratizing the BMW department and usher’s in a new breed of plushy cars that straddle SUVs and crossovers. Among its attributable persuasive features include high-tech, high quality interiors and entrancing exterior trim.  

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