2015-02-28 12:12:43
2015 Toyota Camry 2.5L, The punching appears to be fighting back, but not very

Toyota Camry the bestselling car of America is also the one subjected to too much hatred by enthusiasts. It has become a badge of honor to have open disdain against the Camry, and you may expect us to throw some synonyms for the word boring such as Beige! Vanilla! and Bland! – and get back to our regular task of singing the glory of Mustangs, Hellcats and Mustangs.

2015-02-28 12:11:35
2014 Ford Fusion 2.0L EcoBoost AWD, a convincing luxury car, better than a BMW in technology

Being a member of the good club in the mid-size sedan class is not sufficient for a car as there are family sedans available in the dealer lot which is comfortable, quiet and reliable while offering great fuel economy. A car needs to have style to be hailed as a standout, remarkable performance and luxury beyond its cost to set the bar. This group has dwindled to a handful and the 2014 Ford Fusion is among them.

2015-02-28 12:10:50
2015 Audi RS3 Sportback, the red-hot RS3 compact is the king of the segment

Audi crowned its A3 lineup with top notch car designed by the Quattro GmbH performance division some years ago and it was christened as RS3 Sportback. When it was launched in 2011 spring, the A3 was already fading into twilight. Initially the production plan did not commission the RS model and it was not meant for the US journey. But the 5300 units sold globally spurred the Audi to come up with the latest 2015 Audi RS3 Sportback.

2015-02-28 12:09:58
2015 Kia Sedona, new competition in the minivan segment dominated by Honda, Toyota

With the minivan segment getting wise, new entries coming into the market for the segment is getting rarer what with the top brands Toyota, Honda and the Chrysler trio trampling all over the market. The case in contention is the new Kia Sedona of 2015 which is a total new minivan and this will be the first of this type produced by the Korean automaker since 2006.  

2015-02-28 12:09:14
Ferrari California T, the T at last brings the turbochargers to the Maranello fold

If you would have asked the Ferrari engineers why the supercars are not provided the use of turbochargers you would have received choice expletives from the bunch accompanied by colorful hand gestures. In Maranello barring exceptions like the F40, it has been anathema using forced induction. Now the 2015 Ferrari California T is here with the “T” denoting Turbo.

2015-02-28 12:08:18
Dodge Charger V-6, behind the fury of the Hellcat stands the sensible sedan with V-6

In a perfect world we would like to have our Dodge Chargers fitted with V-8 power. But in the real world where inflicting tire burnouts is   owned as national duty and watching the  reruns of Dukes of Hazzard  has replaced baseball,  it would be an act of treachery to deliver the Chargers in reduced cylinders in place of eight. 

2015-02-25 11:36:19
BMW 4 Series Equipped With Alluring Styling

BMW focuses much on the performance rather than the styling. Contrary to it, it has gone against its way, and it has laid too much attention on the styling of the M4 so that buyers could love it not only for the performance but the styling as well, and they may feel spellbound.   

2015-02-25 11:35:41
2016 Audi R8: Return of the Four Ring Super Car

When the German maker showed the 2003 Le Mans Quattro concept 12 years ago, Audi signaled its endless ambition with this supercar. The concept transformed into the R8 production vehicle after three years and it had the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo and with performance it also added the everyday usability that are within the present day demand.

2015-02-25 11:34:54
Alfa Romeo 4C vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman it is not a test for speed

In Alfa Romeos Carbon fabricated 4C is the new competitor for Porsche and there is no picnic waiting.  This story is for the filthy rich whose tax returns create a flutter triggering DEFCON every now and then. It is for people who love sports cars with little means of and their kids have already passed college.

2015-02-23 23:40:39
Volkswagen Vento Offers Easy Driving Experience

New Volkswagen Vento is such a vehicle which is capable to offer you wonder riding with easy driving experience. It seems to be working on different strategy than that which makes the vehicle more competitive through working on the incorporation of features as well as cosmetic changes. The vehicle has become the first of segment in India which offer combination of 1.5 liter mill and seven speed dual clutch box. 

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