2015-03-23 23:44:03
The new 2015 Volkswagen CC marks a new era for the automaker

The 2015 Volkswagen CC is a demonstration that elegance and the midsized sedans are mutually dependent. Among its notable distinctions are three-cross back seating, xenon headlamps, dual zone automated climate control, entry-level sport version and a navigation program. Overall, however, the CC is too finely equipped and embellished. In fact, its price is outweighed by the premium features it is enriched with. Like antecedent models, the CC is hardly change, it embraces ostentatious styling, refreshed driving dynamics, potent mills, tip top interior, available in AWD High price, but gives less cargo space.  

2015-03-23 23:38:21
The 2015 Suzuki Vitara is an auto watershed for the automaker

The design of the 2015 Suzuki Vitara ignites the aura of comfy, brawny performance, upscale refinement, and fuel efficiency. It is defined by its ease and leisure in driving, with sure-footed controls, cozy cruising, and long trip capability ascribable to the bolstered seats and lumbar support. It also has city friendly manners that will enable you to find your way through crowded towns. It comes in handy for personal or commercial use owing to fuel efficiency and copious trunk space. It also boasts a commendable engine that catapults it to breakneck pace acceleration. 

2015-03-23 23:37:38
The 2015 Subaru Legacy bestows impeccable handling and powerful motor

With its peculiar crafting and design, the 2015 Subaru Legacy is a byproduct of focused upsizing and streamlining by the automaker for its portfolio. The latest Legacy is quaintly attractive, spacious, returns commendable gas mileage and has outstanding scores at the crash-test platform as a family-sedan. It was launched as a flagship auto, blending with its ambiance, with a six-dimension grille and typical granite countertop. On the power side, the Legacy offers various engine options of varying horsepower output, gives smooth handling and rides with comfort. 

2015-03-23 23:36:51
The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage will capture the lion’s share in the hatchback marketplace

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage has a raison d’être in the market, to offer cheap transit with less fuss as an affordable hatchback. This simple auto though suffering on the acceleration, riding and handling side, the Mirage outstrips other models in its segment with a cheap price tag and fuel-economy for those seeking a pocket-friendly hatchback bargain. The Mirage was face-lifted to get a study antenna and brand new chromatic cabin accents new outer mirrors and seat fabric for ES models, capacious cargo capacity and easy-parking manners. Poring over its review unearths why it is luring buyers to cut a deal at first sight.   

2015-03-23 11:53:06
The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class harkens to the antecedent model’s elegance and style

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is finely crafted as a midsized luxury auto with high quality materials, elegance and solidity. A quirk trend for the automaker this time, in lieu of the flashy exteriors and ingenious styling, the sales pitch this time touts safety features as the centerpiece. To this end, every E-Class is equipped with tip top safety and handling-technology, alongside overly opulent class-exclusive equipment and options. The E-Class supple metallic sheer blends impeccably with various models, while mill options range from the standard 4-cylinder turbo-diesel to the brawny dual-turbocharged V8 mounted in the AMG versions.

2015-03-23 11:52:16
The 2015 Mazda 2 Demio incorporates high-class styling and supercharged motor

The new 2015 Mazda 2 Demio is a wholly face-lifted super-mini, providing new style, performance upscale and handy advanced technology. The good news to buyers is its complete departure from previous models but will borrow heavily from the Mazda 3 for top-ranging quality. This new Mazda will buoy on a potent power unit, fine interior décor and exterior shell. Nevertheless, it jettisons the overly aesthetics design of the previous hatchback to embrace Japanese artistic highlights. With poor sales generated by previous models, the Japanese automaker is flexing its muscles to capture a wider segment in the hatchback marketplace. 

2015-03-23 11:50:48
The 2015 Infiniti Q70 was finely-tuned for Platonic battles in its class

Not long after the Infiniti M lineup embraced the premium company’s new group, the 2015 Infiniti Q70is enjoying a superb refreshment and a new lengthy wheelbase. With a 5.9” longer wheelbase, the Infiniti is copiously capacious like other full-size elegance sedans. Its sales pitch will be intertwined to various features that are distinct to the sedan, including a slew of standard equipment, technologically-advanced, and a wide array of safety features. The exterior faced the knife to yield suppler, smoother and overly flowing observable lines while the cabin will be a rambling sea of luxury.

2015-03-23 11:49:04
The 2015 GMC Terrain crossover will redefine the automaker’s standing in the market

The 2015 GMC Terrain put in a nutshell is a rugged truck compact crossover, with a boxy, entrancing design, impressive gas mileage in four-bangers’ form, luxurious cabin and trunk area. New on the Terrain is the GM connectivity kit in the 4G LTE that enables you to make a private wireless network and twin color options. Though lacking a third row, the Terrain can comfortably accommodate four adult passengers. Their interiors are plusher, elegantly exclusive and boast a fairly powerful powertrain that gives it optimum capacity. 

2015-03-23 11:48:21
Future car 2016 Toyota Mirai will keep enthusiasts on tenterhooks

The 2016 Toyota Mirai is a future blueprint for the automaker as the first Hydrogen gas fuel-cell run vehicle that will appear first in the US. The Japanese company is quirky in its overall appearance just like its power units, with large edge intakes to replenish a sundry of radiators, powertrain electronics and compressors. With its distinct mill, the car achieves a commendable acceleration rate, handling and performance while its cabin is a rich sea of recherché. In every respect, the Mirai is an exotic make, with a wide array of aspects that are diametrical to the quintessential car. 

2015-03-21 09:36:57
2016 Honda Jazz sparks new wars in the hatchback segment

The 2016 Honda Jazz will hit the European market in the 2015 summers. Nevertheless, the hatchback was unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show this year. Put in a nutshell, it is a third-generation version that comes with a bold, overly complex interior and interior styling. It also encompasses a B-segment body, giving it a burly and elegant look in contrast to the antecedent model. In line with Honda, it rides on a potent and aptly ensconced engine, gives driver-friendly driving manners and features an entrancing exterior.  

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