2015-04-10 12:06:27
Dodge Latest Model Charger R/T Scat Pack, powering the working class who cannot afford the Hellcat

It is useful to know when you have a good thing with you. Yes, Dodge has a very good thing in its 6.4L 485-hp Hemi V-8 and it is distributing it widely by inducting it in one more of its model, and this time it is the Charger R/T. Another good thing is that it has also lowered its price on the side, voila!

2015-04-10 12:05:37
2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport, did what it does best on long-term fleet, though came out little scruffy

The 2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport was put in to the grind of the long term test and it travelled 38,333 miles and clocked an overall average of 21 mpg. It travelled from Ithaca, New York on twin legs and even achieved a maximum mile economy of 28mpg. While charging to the homestretch nearing almost 40,000 miles it came unscathed.

2015-04-09 13:32:04
2015 BMW M135i, the hottest compact hatch shows the way for future models of the brand

An ultimate hot hatch was hallmarked by a six-cylinder engine with its smooth delivery of power at one point. The Volkswagen had the Golf R32, the Audi the A3 and the Benz the C-class Sport coupe. But more strict fuel-economy rules it became a thing of yesteryear except for the BMW  1-series named M135i, sold all over the world except in US.

2015-04-09 13:31:28
Audi Q3 Dynamics: A vehicle good for almost all kind of road situation

Audi Q3 Dynamics is the vehicle which incorporates such a looks that makes it different from its rivals. The styling and the design of the vehicle make it look like a SUV. The vehicle also offers more space than its opponents. It is a vehicle which can deal with approximately any sort of road situations. 

2015-04-09 13:30:53
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Can Make You Crazy

If you want to buy such a car that offers you not only elegance but breathtaking performance, the vehicle named Aston Martin V8 Vantage is for you. This is the vehicle which has been incorporated with the enticing styling and breathtaking performance that will definitely drive you crazy and onlookers jealous.

2015-04-09 13:29:59
2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 Sedan is angry like the last year model and makes more power

An angrier AMG car is always better than a subdued one. The last year Mercedes-AMG C63 expressed the anger in the best way possible by personifying vehicular anger. The current Euro specification C class vehicles were driven by us and we found that they are pissed of really bad and the new C63 is the example of it.

2015-04-07 13:47:13
Fiat Linea T Jet: Overall a good car

This 2014 model of Fiat Linea T Jet has been gone through with a number of changes whether it is exterior or interior, both have been made better than previous vehicle. The vehicle offers sufficient space for comfortable ride.

2015-04-07 13:46:24
2015 BMW 740Ld xDrive Diesel, new engine for the ageing BMW

Across the Atlantic, it is the diesel powered luxury sedans that rules the roost, but this segment is alive in the US only due to the popularity of the Audi A8, which was offered an option TDI V6 with 3.0 Liter capacity in 2014. Wanting a slice of the Audi pie, BMW has given a new heart to its long in the tooth 7-series sedan.

2015-04-07 13:45:11
Aston Martin Rapide With Spellbinding Looks And Appearance

The car of the Aston Martin is known for its astonishing stylish and design which can spellbind anyone who looks the vehicle. The vehicle, Aston Martin Rapide in regard of the overall look of the car is similar. The vehicle offers good space for front seat while for back seat is intended for children. 

2015-04-06 01:25:02
The 2015 Porsche Macan is defined by its unique exoticism, dynamics and style

It is indubitable at this point that the Porsche has already attained toehold in the sport-utility and crossover segment owing to the performance of the Cayenne SUV. Tersely, the 2015 Porsche Macan is underpinned on the Audi Q5 platform, a compact five-seat and all-wheel-drive standard crossover. With the option of turbocharged V6 mills, the new Macan imparts the performance hardware of the Cayenne, morphing from a fragrant family wagon to the determined sport-machine it is. Eschewing any way of reneging the promise, it is still Porsche’s power unit, handling impeccability, cornering forces and a compact wagon model.

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