2015-04-13 02:36:14
2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T AWD, A roomy package for a family

We see many SUVs being branded as Sporty even though they don’t deserve the tag. The latest from Hyundai, the Santa Fe Sport 2.0T with AWD defers it and can be termed as the worthy successor of the tag. This Hyundai is offered in two body styles namely two-row five-passenger Sport and three-row seven- passengers Santa Fe.

2015-04-13 02:35:34
2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali 4WD, the Winter Warrior with huge capacity for carrying

The 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali with 4WD is above appeasing cynics who do not believe in driving a mega sized SUV, unless it is about home shifting, vacation or making merry with parties. There are many things that the Yukon XL is good for and one of them is the winter drive at which it proved to be unstoppable even in the harsh Michigan weather.

2015-04-13 02:34:50
2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Manual, has everything but needs a little more power

You would have been surprised when Ford presented the first 4-cylinder Stang for a road test in three decades with an automatic. The car was supposed to be an EcoBoost deluxe model with lots of enthusiasm, which would denote into an agile and light GT with compact level efficiency.  But an auto transmission at a time the secretary car label is peeled off from non-GT Mustang?

2015-04-11 10:07:31
Porsche Cayman GT4, diverse from GT norms but still is the product of the elite division

The 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 is a different car but it is still a production of the Porsche elite GT division. Amazingly this GT4 achieves the impression of being very familiar but at the same time different in fundamentals. If you have prior experience in driving GT labeled 911, then you will not be surprised by the way this GT drives around the track. 

2015-04-11 10:01:49
Volvo XC90, this Swedish crossover is different from what the German’s offer

Over show off wealth is not Scandinavian culture, so the Swedes are not aware of the American luxury taste. A seven-seat luxury car with a price tag of $55,000 is certainly a crossover can be hardly described as a people’s car, but with the standard of German luxury cars in mind, the Swedes have made the 2016 Volvo XC90 as un-Germanic as possible.

2015-04-11 10:01:10
2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R, looking for a 2-seat sports car alternative?

There is nothing like flexing muscle with your open top Porsche Boxster driving through the countryside in full autumn glory.  That will be an out of the world experience, but if you want more than two seats then the 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R is the one that you will be maneuvering   through the above scene.

2015-04-11 10:00:18
Chevrolet Beat LT TCDI: good for Indians

2014 model Chevrolet Beat is a stylish car which offers all those features and qualities that an Indian buyer considers before buying a car. It is a small car so it needs less fuel to run. It comes in the categories of those cars which are affordable. So, it suits properly for Indian Buyer.

2015-04-10 12:09:21
Volkswagen Golf 1.8T TSI Automatic, best car on show and the bestseller of Globe

Volkswagen Golf   is a top ranked car in terms of sale and is up there with the other top selling vehicles such as the Ford F-series and Toyota Corolla. But  you won’t be spotting many of them weaving the roads  of the United States as the people of the country have not warmed up to the characteristics of the Golf.

2015-04-10 12:08:13
Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4², throw the gnarliest terrain, this will take care of it

One of the hot topics debated at the Daimler board meetings was the termination of the G-class from Mercedes-Benz agenda. The vehicle was basically engineered as an application for military forces and the boxy off-road vehicle looked as it is from another age. Appearance of the G500 4x4² prototype has again kindled the interest in this vehicle.

2015-04-10 12:07:05
2015 Honda Fit EX Manual, efficient little car but gets thirsty too often

Honda’s Fit has been one of the cheapest corpuscles built for commuting, and it has figured in the 10Best several times. When the third generation was introduced by Honda, our test team snared an Aegean Blue EX model aided by a six-speed manual transmission for long-term road testing spanning seven months.

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