2013-11-21 11:45:38
Eagle E-Type – Unmatched Performance on Roads

Since its inception in 1982, Eagle has dedicated themselves to the development of the bespoken restoration and re-manufacturing engineering of the unique single model car - Jaguar E-Type. E-Type is an exceptional car, which had won the minds of a large number of car lovers all over the world. By understanding the need of the market, Eagle has fully succeeded in offering the best of all times.

2013-11-21 11:43:23
Dodge: The company that gave RAM to the world

Dodge was the product of Chrysler Group LLC consisting of automobiles, sport utility vehicles and minivans. The company was based in Auburn Hills, Michigan and its present automobile line includes Chrysler Badge vehicles of low priced variants and performance cars. The Dodge brand has weathered several ownership changes including a short association with the German owned Daimler-Benz AG for 12 years that spanned from 1998-2009.

2013-11-21 11:40:26
Daewoo Motors, the first automobile manufacturers of modern South Korea

Daewoo Motors was the part of Daewoo Group, South Korea established in 1982 and it sold its majority shares of assets to General Motors in the year 2001 when it experienced financial troubles. It became the subsidiary of the US automobile giant and was christened as GM Daewoo. The company was renamed again as GM Korea, which is also the current name, in the year 2011.

2013-11-21 11:38:45
Chrysler: The smallest of the biggest USA manufacturers

Chrysler is among the big three of the American automobile manufacturers the Chrysler Group LLC has its headquarters at Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. The group is the subsidiary of the world famous Italian automobile giants Fiat. Production wise Chrysler was the 12th biggest automobile manufacturers in 2011. The company under its brand Chrysler sells Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands all over the world and also the manufacture the Fiat vehicles marketed in North America.

2013-11-21 11:34:58
Chevrolet: A car for every purse and purpose

Chevrolet cars are known for its prices and used to be described as “six for the price of four”, “a car for every purse and purpose”, and was picked as the main contender for Henry Ford’s automobiles in producing mainstream vehicles in terms of volume. True to the words the marquee has the lion share of 36.9% market share in the US.

2013-11-10 22:52:53
Buick Regal – Elegance, Class, and Performance on Roads

Buick Regal is one of the most celebrated car models of Buick motors and different models of Buick Regal machines are there on the road since 1997. Being an American automotive brand, Buick has not got a worldwide acceptance among the vehicle enthusiasts.  Each Buick Regal car is the real-time examples of luxury and the market is spread all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and China etc.

2013-11-10 22:51:17
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – The 252 MPH Top Speed Magic
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is a renowned and highly popular model from this leading car maker. With this 252 mph top speed model, Bugatti is assuring both comfort and performance all under one roof. The engine specifications are also awesome to skip the heartbeats of crazy automobile enthusiasts. Bugatti is in the market for long and had always been renowned about their perfection in both style and performance and now with the Veyron, the reputation of the brand had touched the skies.

2013-11-10 22:47:13
Feel like Home In BMW X5 When You Are Away From Home

The innovative V8 cylinder in xDrive50i is the top of the range engine in lieu of a new level of presentation in its class. The pioneering combination of Twin Power Turbo Technology and High Precision Injection smooth the progress of optimal levels of power output, and consumption. When it is approaching to the diesel engines, xDrive30d is the combination of unbeatable power and presentation individuality with the lowest utilization and discharge value in its class.

2013-11-10 22:44:59
Cadillac CTS – The Best in Class and Comfort

Cadillac CTS is the new top-end model for the renowned car-making brand from the United States.  The CTS Vsport model is now one of the most favorite choice of car lovers, which is a high performing road machine and also features highly appreciable style and comfort components. With all these on offer, the Cadillac CTS is now topping on the charts of automobile magazines worldwide.

2013-11-10 22:38:06
Aston Martin Vanquish an Ultimate Grand Tourer

The Vanquish is the fastest car in further relaxed running. The six speed automatic gear, even though lacking a ratio or two, it also shifts extra spontaneously, and the paddle shifts are pleasingly responsive to use. The largely inspiring feature of the Aston Martin Vanquish engine is not the power or its performance, but its noise. It sounds incredible, from the initial turn of the key.

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