2013-11-22 22:49:00
Infiniti, the Japanese luxury car by Nissan

Infiniti founded in 1989 and it is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan Motor Company, the Japanese auto manufacturer. The Infiniti brands of vehicles are sold in 15 countries through 230 dealers all over the world. Its first official entry into North America automobile market took place on November 8, 1989.  The brand’s homeland, Japan will be seeing its first car being marketed in the country in the year 2014, the Infiniti Q50 variant hybrid.

2013-11-22 22:47:20
Hyundai, the company with the biggest auto manufacturing plant

Hyundai Motor Company has the distinction of owning the largest facility for automobile manufacturing in Ulsan, South Korea. This integrated facility produces an astounding 1.6 million units per year. Hyundai employs about 75, 000 employees worldwide and its vehicles are marketed in 193 countries by 6000 franchises and showrooms. Annual sales in 2012 placed Hyundai Motor Group at 5th place in the world.

2013-11-22 22:44:32
The 2009 Hummer H3T – Dressed to Kill

The hummer was the brand of heavy-duty trucks and SUVs, which first hit the market in 1992 when the MA General had begun selling the civilian version of the M998 Humvee. In year 1998, the General Motors (GM) had purchased the brand of Hummer and started marketing three vehicles as the Hummer H1, H2, as well as H3T. The H3T model was based on a smaller GM platform, which was targeting the civilian market. 

2013-11-22 22:41:55
GMC Terrain – An Affordable Compact SUV

GMC is an automobile manufacturer which makes commercial trucks, pick-ups, buses, military vehicles, and sports utility vehicles, which are sold in the North America and the Middle East markets by the General Motors. General Motors was founded in 1908 and in 1909, GM bought the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which formed the basis of General Motors Truck Company and from which the "GMC Truck" got derived. GMC now manufactures SUVs also with the other models of vehicles mentioned earlier plus fire trucks, ambulances, and heavy-duty trucks etc.

2013-11-22 22:38:41
Geo Metro Convertible – The All time Hit from Geo Motors

Geo was the small car manufacturer started General Motors with its slogan being "Get to know Geo." It was first formed in 1980s and was competing successfully in the small import market which continued till 1997 after which the remaining models were given the name of Chevrolet as they had taken over the unit. Geo models were manufactured by GM in joint venture with three Japanese automakers like Toyota, Suzuki and by Isuzu. The Geo Metro Convertible was a model released by Geo inn 1992, which had been one of the favorite among the car lovers for long.

2013-11-22 22:37:02
The 2013 Ford Escape EcoBoost Review

The Ford Motor Corporation is a world leader in automobile manufacturing. It is an American multinational automaker, which his headquartered in Michigan. The company was founded Henry Ford back in 1903 and now the company is selling automobiles and the commercial vehicles under the brand Ford and the luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. The 2013 model Ford Escape EcoBoost is a real power machine, which has got a good critic review.

2013-11-21 11:52:45
Honda, the contemporary vehicle with a difference

Honda was known for its motorcycles and internal combustion engines and was the largest motorcycle producers since 1959. The company was manufacturing a staggering 14 million units of engines every year and stood second largest automobile manufacturers in the year 2001 for Japan. The company has a global presence in the automobile market and was the first Japanese company to introduce a luxury brand of car called Accura in the year 1986.

2013-11-21 11:51:18
Fisker Karma – Innovation for Perfection

FiskerAutomotive is the famous American automobile manufacturer based in California. The Fisker Karma is the company’s flagship product, which is one of the first of its kind plug-in hybrid electric cars. It was debuted in the North American International Auto Show which was helped in 2008, which paved way to a new green car segment, which many of the leading auto manufacturers now compete.

2013-11-21 11:49:28
Fiat 500 – Attractive and Function Rich Small Car from the Renowned Manufacturer

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer company, which was founded in the year 1899. Over the last one century, Fiat has manufactured almost everything running from carriages to railway engines and even aircraft. By the year 2011, Fiat was the fourth largest automaker in Europe and the eleventh largest in the entire world. Apart from Italy, in many of the domestic markets in different other countries, Fiat is the market leader in different automobile sectors.

2013-11-21 11:47:35
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – Unmatched Road Machine

Ferrari is a world renowned sports car manufacturer from Italy. The company was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. The new model Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a real road machine, which is unmatched in style as well as performance. There are many hard core Ferrari fans and followers all over the world, which consist of famous sport personalities, film stars, and people from other domains.

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