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Aston Martin, the English luxury model cars

Aston Martin is a brand of luxury sports car manufactured by the English auto company Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. The company was founded Lionel Martin in 1913 and is currently owned by a several owners. Ford Motor Company owned Aston Martin from 1994 to 2007 till other investors bought stakes of the company.

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AM General: The Company that gave ‘Hummer’ to the world

AM General is an automobile manufacturing company more famous for its world renowned Military Humvee and the civilian Hummer. The company is of American origin based in South Bend, Indiana. These vehicles are assembled at its Mishawaka, Indiana plant and the company also manufactured transport buses numbering over 5,400 during 1974-79.

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Alfa Romeo, manufacturer of luxury Italian sports cars

Alfa Romeo is known for its luxury sports model cars. Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A., the Italian car manufacturer founded in 1910 is now owned by Fiat Group, the Italian automobile giants since February 2007. The company has been associated with racing since 1911 and as on 2012 it has produced 101,000 units of automobiles from its assembly line.

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Acura, the first Japanese luxury car to international market

Acura is a brand of luxury vehicles manufactured by the luxury division of Honda Motor Company from Japan. Founded in 1986 the company has been supplying the US and Canada with luxury cars and performance vehicles. The Acura brand of cars is the first luxury models to be produced by a Japanese automaker for the US market.

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Hummer H3-A vehicle for big family

History of Hummer goes back to 1992, which is an American Motor viewed as a stylish car for those who are fond of such model cars. Hummer H3 is a Sports Utility Vehicle which is being introduced from the year 2005 with a four door front engine model suitable for any road. Electronic stability control and anti braking system enhances the car’s use.   

2013-12-13 09:39:35
Honda Accord-Simplified yet Elegant vehicle

Honda the brand being a Japanese invention turns out to be the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, which traces its history for brand new Accord since 1976. The car is very much compact and four door sedan variant which has introduced cars in nine different generations as of till now. This new Accord is awarded as the Green car of the year, which has a top level ranking in all its areas which positively augments the sale ratio too.

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Audi TT-Excellent range of stylish drive

History of Audi goes back to 1966, which is a German made car known for its exotic look and magnificent style. Audi TT was introduced from the year 1998 which is a two door sports car which has the identical suspension and front wheel drive system that naturally gifted with the award as World design car of the year.  

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Aston Martin-Range of unique styled car

Being an invention during the year 1913, these model cars are best known through 007’s films. Aston Martin Vanquish’s entry was during the year 2001, it’s a grand tourer that possesses 2-door coupe with 6 speed manual gearbox as its special feature. Upgraded version is much popular with stainless steel exhaust system with launch control are its admirable features. 

2013-12-13 09:34:23
Alfa Romeo-European excellence

History of Alfa Romeo goes back to the year 1910, which is a European made model. Successfully known as the sports vehicle, Alfa Romeo’s Guilieta traces its history to 2010; it possesses 5door hatchback and a small compact family car. The car is known for its safety rating. Especially known for its features and safety, this car steals the second place with the new engines designed to match the needs of the customers. 

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Volvo AB, the Swedish Auto Manufacturer

Volvo is a Swedish manufacturing company and its range of products include trucks, busses, industrial and marine power systems and construction equipment. Its subsidiaries include Volvo Buses, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, Volvo Penta and Volvo construction equipment. Volvo has SEK 303.6 billion in revenue as on 2012 and employs 98,717 in their operations around the world. 

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