2014-01-12 00:20:17
Jaguar XF – Performance and Style Blended Together

Jaguar Cars are a specialized brand under the Jaguar Land Rover, which is a leading British car manufacturer. The jaguar is having global presence now and is headquartered in Whitley, England. The company is now owned by the famous Indian carmakers, Tata Motors from 2008 onwards. Jaguar XF is one of the latest performance models from Jaguar, which had a great acceptance in the market.

2014-01-12 00:15:32
The 2012 Isuzu D-Max Crew Cab and Space Cab

Isuzu Motors are a global leader in automobile manufacturing, which is based in Tokyo, Japan. They are in the production, distribution, sales and services of the commercial vehicles branded Isuzu as well as manufacturing of diesel engines. The company was started in 1916 and its former name was the Tokyo Gas Company. The latest model Isuzu D-Max, which hit the road in 2012 had a good acceptance.

2014-01-10 00:45:53
VolvoS80-Availing luxury and elegance

VolvoS80 car traces its history to the days of 2004, being a luxury sedan with 2l engine with 5 speed automatic transmission; the car is much availing luxury. Possessing 5cylinder turbo-charged engine, the car is highlight of its safety features. A 4door sedan with more safety aspects is a high end car satisfying all the needs.

2014-01-10 00:43:45
Volkswagen Polo Mk4-Redefining beauty

Volkswagen PoloMk4 has been the car simplifying its elegance with high performance traces its history back to the days of 2002, with 1.2L six valve petrol based version. Offering a top gear, the car gives the stiff competition to its rivals on the basis of size and performance. Possessing 5door hatchback the car is a perfect fit for your wants.

2014-01-10 00:41:40
Toyota Etios Liva-Compact luxury availing car

Being a small compact car, Toyota Etios Liva traces its history long back to the days of 2011, the car is a super hit for accommodation highlighting safety aspects. Also, the car possesses the 5speed manual transmission with 1.2petrol version with 5door hatchback. Etios has been a stiff competition to its rivals which are similar in size. 

2014-01-10 00:39:17
Suzuki Swift-Elegant and exotic look

Pride car from the homes of Suzuki is Swift which traces its history to the days of 2010, the car is simply a 4 door sedan with a 5 door hatchback possessing 1.2l engine with 5speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. The car belongs to the third generation proudly with elegant features enhancing its style and finish.  

2014-01-10 00:36:51
Nissan MicraK12-A stunning compact car

Nissan MicraK12 a supermini car traces its history from 2002 with 5speed manual transmission 1.2CR12DE petrol based version which includes 5door hatchback for your convenience. Driving control enhancing performance is special about this car. Most distinctive feature is its driving with safety aspects. 

2014-01-10 00:33:56
Land Rover LR2-Luxurious drive offering gift

Land Rover is a compact sport utility vehicle with two-wheel versions and four-wheel versions, the car traces its history to the days of 2006. Improvised version of Land Rover in affordable budget yet with stupendous performance with the presence of 6inline cylinder engines with 6speed automatic transmission is its highlight. This is a model focused on saving fuel. 

2014-01-10 00:29:05
Lamborghini Gallardo-Luxury sedan for you

Sports sedan Lamborghini Gallardo traces its history long back to 2004 with a famous breed of fighting bull, with 2door coupe mid-engine possessing 6speed manual transmission with the highlight of soft top that is fully retractable. Much improved version that sounds better possessing the specification of E-gear. Offering two choices of transmission the car is a hit offering luxury.

2014-01-10 00:26:29
Infiniti G37-Brand dominating style and elegance

Tracing the history of Infiniti G37, you may have to go back to the days of 2009 which is much more than a car. Based on the scores or awards achieved, Infiniti G37 turns out to be best among the cars satisfying customer index, best handling cars, given much value for suspension and value. Availing the air bags for the safety aspect, the car is at the zenith of fame. 

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