2014-01-24 22:14:38
SAAB automobile: “The Well Built Swede”

SAAB automobile AB and its subsidiaries were acquired by the Chinese-Japanese conglomerate National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) and the plan to only manufacture electric vehicles was announced. And the move was to be initiated with the present 9-3 models of Phoenix. The models 9-5 and 9-4x were discontinued because General Motors refused the technology in these models. 

2014-01-24 22:13:12
LaFerrari 2014 – Furbishing The Ultimate Ferrari On Roads

The Ferrari caters the blend of the style, modern technology, racing spirit and advanced integration of the latest gadgets. Recently launched, the La Ferrari 2014 model has proved to be much more enthusiastic than it was expected, not just because of its appalling reputation and outlook, but due to its outstanding features that make it marvelous out of all others in the market. 

2014-01-23 02:16:52
Honda Brio-Sub compact model enabling style and comfort

The history of the Honda Brio car traces back its history back to the days of 2011. Being a sub-compact car possessing a 5door hatchback, the car possesses the layout as front engine. The car possesses the transmission of 5speed manual or a continuously variable transmission. Powered by a 4 cylinder, the car possesses the safety measures much more. Advanced Compatibility Engineering option enhances the protection.

2014-01-23 02:00:48
Hyundai Eon-A tiny sedan for your comfort

Being a city car, the history of Hyundai Eon traces its days back to the days of 2011. Possessing a 5door hatchback as its body style, the layout of the car turns out to be front engine based. Possessing 814 ccEpsilon G3HGl3 gasolines, the car possesses the 5speed manual transmission. The car has lots of safety aspect that make you get protected. 

2014-01-22 23:58:42
Hummer H1-A manly car for you

The Hummer H1 car’s history dates back to 1992, being the 6.5L diesel V8 engine, the Hummer H1 is a unique model with 4 speed automatic transmission. The car is more than a truck. The car possesses the driveline parts with HMMWV brethren. The H1 turn equipped with Central Tire Inflation System. Unusual features iwth a rustic look along with the CARC is its specifications. 

2014-01-22 23:57:26
GMC Acadia-Impressive option for you

The history of GMC Acadia car goes back to the days of 2006. Being a full size crossover SUV, the body style of the car is 4 doors SUV, with front engine layout, the car possesses the 6speed transmission. Rear suspension of the car uses the H linked design which is so smoother to ride. Possessing around 6airbags the car is highly focused on safe driving.

2014-01-22 23:56:17
Ford Figo-Elegant drive perfectly

The history of Ford Figo car traces back to the days of 2010. Being a sub-compact car, the body style is 5 door hatchbacks, and the layout turning to be FF layout, the car is 1.4 diesel equipped engine, the car is much known for its longest wheel base capable of stable riding. Also, the transmission of the car is 5 speed manual transmissions. 

2014-01-22 23:54:53
Fisker Karma-Be crazy to own

The history of the Fisker Karma traces back to the days of 2008, being the electric car, the car possesses 2.0 l ecotec 4 cylinder direct injection turbo charged engine. Being the full size luxury car, body style is 4door sedan and the layout belongs to front engine based. The transmission of the car is 1 speed prundletronic based. 

2014-01-22 23:36:10
Fiat Punto-Brand car with aesthetic options

The history of Fiat Punto car goes back to the days of 1999. Being the second generation cars, this car is the 5-door hatchback; also the car possesses the 5speed manual transmission. This stylish car is a unique model possessing the 1.3multijet diesel engine. The car is a 5seater sedan that attracts the attention of passersby.

2014-01-22 23:34:57
Ferrari FF-Luxurious sedan offers enhancement

The history of the Ferrari FF goes back to the days of 2011. The car being known as the Grand tourer possesses the body style of 3 door shooting brake, the car possesses the FM4 layout. Possessing the engine of 6.3 L V12 engine, the transmission of the car is 7 speed dual-clutch automatic transmissions. Awarded as the Estate car of the year 2011, the car is so much grand.